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You really don’t have to be a kitchen prince or princess to make the tastiest dishes with the nomadiQ barbecue. Do you want to keep it basic and still create your own pop-up BBQ party? Then we have put together a basic package for you with the essentials. The BBQ Essentials package consists of the barbecue, PFAS-free cooking grates, 3-pack gas bottles, 3-pack grill mats and protective cover in a color of your choice.

Contents package – BBQ ESSENTIALS:
nomadiQ Portable gas barbecue
nomadiQ Protection pouch
nomadiQ 3-pack gas bottles
nomadiQ 3-pack grill mats

Art. No.: 27.2256.23BB
EAN: 8720165898268

1-3 business days delivery time


In the production of the nomadiQ BBQ, aluminium parts have been used, which means that it only weighs 5.6 kilos. Everyone can wear it!


Unfold the nomadiQ BBQ, connect it, and you're done! If it takes more than a minute, you're doing something wrong.


The nomadiQ BBQ can be connected to a gas cylinder as standard. These are gas cylinders that are available at every DIY or outdoor shop.


Each side of the nomadiQ BBQ can be adjusted separately. Ideal for grilling at different temperatures. Switching off one side is also an option.


Our objective was to make the nomadiQ BBQ as compact as possible. The dimensions of the BBQ are like a laptop or handbag. Can it be even more mobile?


On both sides of the BBQ you can enjoy a grill plate of 730 cm2 (total 1460 cm2). How big do you want it to be?


The grids have a non-stick coating and can be put in the dishwasher. All edges on the inside are covered so that the nomadiQ BBQ is easy to clean.


Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. The strong, direct heat source ensures that your food is ready in no time.

Device type:  Portable gas grill
Primary Color:  Matte Black
Power:  3.2 kW
Grill surface:  1460 cm2
Shell material:  Die-cast aluminum
Quick spark lighter:  2 pieces
Certifications:  EN498/LPG
Grill grates material:  Lightweight metal with a durable enamelled non-stick coating (PFAS-free)
BTU:  5450
BTU total:  10900
Gas type:  Butane
Total weight:  5.6 kg
Product width:  Folded 41 cm unfolded 41 cm
Product height:  Folded 36 cm unfolded 19 cm
Product depth:  Folded 13 cm unfolded 65 cm

Cleaning the nomadiQ BBQ.

Make sure the barbecue has cooled down and is safe to touch before cleaning the exterior. Painted and plastic parts can be cleaned with a mild detergent and a dry cloth (do not use scouring pads or harsh detergents). Make sure all surfaces are dry before covering and storing the product.

The inside can be cleaned with water, a mild detergent and a soft sponge or cloth. The non-stick surfaces (inside of the barbecue panels) should be carefully cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Use a wet sponge and/or soft brush with a little baking soda to remove stubborn dirt. You can remove the enameled steel grids and simply clean them under the tap with water and a mild detergent. The enameled steel grids are also dishwasher safe. All parts and surfaces should then be dried with a dry, soft cloth.

The contacts in the barbecue panels near the burner are sharp. Be careful while cleaning.

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