Especially for Holiday Cooking
nomadiQ BBQ has put together a special package for the Holiday cookers, including an extended gas hose for the large gas bottle.
Do you have an outside connection on the motorhome? We have developed a special extended gas hose for this, so that the small gas bottles are unnecessary. If you order this package, you will receive a 3-pack of grill mats for free.

Holiday Cooking with nomadiQ BBQ

If you go on holiday with your motorhome or caravan, the nomadiQ is ideal to take with you. The nomadiQ BBQ weighs only 5.6 kg, and is also easy to store. The BBQ can also be used as a cooking solution with pans, making it ideal for cooking a delicious pasta, for example. The temperature can even be controlled from each individual surface.

Do you want to connect the nomadiQ to a large gas bottle in, for example, the caravan? For this we have developed the extended gas hose, large gas bottle with an extra pressure distributor, which can handle up to 15 bar gas pressure, and is therefore safe to use.Gas hoseĀ 

Holiday Cooking package

The ultimate package for campers who enjoy a well-deserved holiday or a longer period away with a camper or caravan.

Content package HOLIDAY COOKING
nomadiQ Portable gas barbecue
nomadiQ Protection Pouch
nomadiQ Closed grill plate
nomadiQ Luxury anti-slip mat
nomadiQ Extended gas hose (big bottle)
Free gift: 3-pack grill mats

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