Specially for the boat

Are you a big fan of being on the water and do you also enjoy barbecuing? nomadiQ has put together the handy BOATING package especially for you to grill super easy on the boat!

The perfect BBQ for on the water

Fun, good food and conviviality; the perfect ingredients for a day or longer on the boat. Not having to think about anything and all the freedom in the world. With the nomadiQ portable barbecue you always conjure up the tastiest dishes on the table. The nomadiQ is compact and portable, making it ideal for taking on a boat. The nomadiQ is ready for use within 1 minute, and its compact size makes it easy to store after use.

nomadiQ BBQ Package - Boating

BOATING package contents
nomadiQ Portable gas barbecue
nomadiQ Protective cover Red / Green / Black
nomadiQ 3-pack gas bottles
nomadiQ Luxury anti-slip mat
nomadiQ Cooling backpack
nomadiQ American pancake baking tray / Dutch mini pancake baking tray / Closed Grill plate
nomadiQ Cleaning set
nomadiQ 3-pack grill mats