Grilled Halloumi cheese with honey

Halloumi can’t be missed at a drink at the nomadiQ! The Halloumi stays well on the grill mat and it also saves you cleaning afterwards. A delicious sweet snack with walnuts, ideal as a starter and as a snack.

Serve the grilled halloumi with honey as a delicious vegetarian starter or as a snack

You need:
nomadiQ BBQ
nomadiQ closed grill plate or nomadiQ grill mat
Cutting board


  1. Cut the Halloumi cheese into 8 equal slices/parts. Put the honey in a bowl and have a brush ready
  2. Grease the nomadiQ grill grates with a little oil and grill the Halloumi cheese for 3 minutes per side until the cheese shows some grill marks on both sides
  3. Move the Halloumi cheese to the nomadiQ closed grill plate or place them on a nomadiQ grill mat and turn the gas low
  4. Brush the cheese with honey with the brush and leave it there for a few minutes
  5. Serve the Halloumi cheese with some crumbled / sliced walnuts as a topping!