Our story

We (team nomadiQ) are real outdoor people and epicureans. When the weather is nice, we like to go out. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city or on a short vacation. Eating and BBQ together with family and friends at nice locations. Enjoy the moment! On a balcony, in the park, on a boat, at a campsite or on the beach. We love to BBQ everywhere!

But we didn't have a BBQ that could be easily taken anywhere, is easy to use and looks stylish. This is how the idea of ​​nomadiQ BBQ arose. Four years later, after much (re)development and testing, nomadiQ BBQ is ready to go on a journey and conquer the world!

The nomadiQ BBQ

The nomadiQ is smart, stylish and practical and can therefore be used anywhere, on the balcony, in the park, for a weekend or while traveling. It is light, easily portable and compact. Thanks to an ingenious folding system, it is still large enough to have a BBQ with at least 12 friends.

The nomadiQ works on gas and is ready for use within 3 minutes, due to the two separate temperature zones suitable for meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. The nomadiQ is made of high-quality aluminum, making the BBQ not only very steady, but also cools it down very quickly after use.

Moreover, it's easy to clean and the grill plates are dishwasher safe. When folded, it can go back into the car, caravan, boat or closet. So when you go out, the BBQ is already arranged, all that is left to do is inviting your friends...


What others think of the nomadiQ

Het is fijn dat de lekbakjes los zijn, zo kan je ze heel makkelijk even snel legen en schoonmaken.
Hele fijne BBQ die eens eindelijk goed werkt op een grote groene gasfles. Bakplaat erbij besteld. Was jammer genoeg niet goed gecoat. Direct een nieuwe gekregen
Handige BBQ die ik overal mee naartoe neem
Jack de Haas